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Best Small Web Design Icon Download Sites

High quality small icon ( 16x16 size) download sites for use in web design.
These icons are 16x16 pixel size PNG , GIF images.
You can use in Web design and Web development for small button in websites

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ASP.NET icons for free -

  • Completely free professional icons designed exclusively for ASP.NET community
  • You can use the icons with ASP.NET, Mono, and ASP web applications (websites) only. PHP, Perl, ColdFusion based pages are not allowed ^^;
  • icons

Mini Pixel Icons by Ndesign Studio -

  • Small color icons that 14¡¿14px size with transparent background. webpage,blog,filetype,e-commerce icons
  • You may NOT resell or distribute these icons. If you use more than 10 icons on your site or software, you must post a link back to ndesign-studio. no link allowed for 30$ license fee
  • ndesign studios - Mini Pixel Icons

Sweetie by Joseph North -

  • Cute and clear icons to use in your nifty web application. Provided in PNG-8, PNG-24, Photoshop PSD types.
  • They are licenced under a CC-Attribution-ShareAlike license, so commercial use is fine.
  • Sweetie

Two Tone icons for free by 2pt3 -

  • Two tone (white,green,red,blue,yellow,black) icons.
  • Completely free. But post a link the comments if you do use them on a public site
  • If you need other color, use Bash script by Andy Kopciuch
  • Two Tone icons

Some Random Dude -

mIcon kostenlose icons -

  • Neat smal gray color icons. You can use it in commercial site
  • mIcon

Bullet Madness -

  • Just bullet images for listing items. You can use it in HTML UL tags and Powerpoint templates
  • Bullet Madness

Drunkey Love -

  • The Drunkey Love iconset consists of over 100 16¡¿16 icons in PNG format. Same icons in 12X12 sizes can downloaded at Dani's Kinky Thought
  • Drunkey Love

Tango Icon Library -

  • The Tango Desktop Project exists to create a consistent user experience for Open Source software. CC-by-sa License
  • SVG and PNG types in 16x16,22x22,32x32 size
  • Tango

Gi©ªn by Silvestre -

  • Gi©ªn is a SVG type vector icons made for Gnome Desktop. GPL License.
  • SVG and PNG types in 16x16,22x22,24x24,48x48,128x128 size
  • Gion

Nuvola - Icon-King -

  • Nuvola is icons made for KDE Desktop. GPL License
  • Made with Adobe Illustrator and converted to PNG 16x16,22x22,32x32,48x48,64x64,128x128 Sizes
  • Nuvola

Other sites

AJAX-Indicators - animated AJAX indicator like this ->